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The Design Museum near The Penthouse luxury serviced apartment, London

The Design Museum

Literally on your doorstep, the Design Museum is the world’s leading museum devoted to contemporary design in every form from furniture to graphics, and architecture to industrial design. It is working to place design at the centre of contemporary culture. The Design Museum’s mission is to celebrate, entertain, and inform.

HMS Belfast

HMS Belfast, Londons floating Naval museum, served throughout the Second World War, playing a leading part in the destruction of the battle cruiser Scharnhorst, and also the Normandy Landings. In service with the Royal Navy until 1965, she was saved for the nation in 1971 as a unique reminder of Britain’s naval heritage.

The O2

When we say The O2 is a world of entertainment under one roof, we mean it... If you're looking for a seriously good time you won't need to go anywhere else. It's that simple.


Situated on the River Thames, Maritime Greenwich is a World Heritage Site and famous for such historic landmarks as the the Royal Observatory, the home of Greenwich Mean Time and the Meridian Line, Longitude 0° and inspirational architecture by Sir Christopher Wren at the Old Royal Naval College. So near to central London yet only 20 minutes from the city centre, Greenwich is a place of contrasts, from awe-inspiring architecture, tranquil open spaces and breathtaking views to cosy pubs and bustling street markets..

The Tower of London

In the early 1080s, William the Conqueror began to build a massive stone tower at the centre of his London fortress. Nothing like it had ever been seen before. Through the centuries that followed, successive monarchs added to the fortifications. Discover the Tower's history from its Norman construction up to its use as a prison for some notorious London gangsters.

Borough Market

Borough Market is one of the oldest fruit and vegetable markets in London with a history going back to at least 1276. This wholesale market does most of its business early in the morning. The wrought iron structures covering the market have made it a popular location for filming and fashion shoots. New businesses building on the culinary tradition include a cheese maker, a micro brewery and a luxury cake shop. Opening times: Friday 12am-6pm and Saturday 9am-4pm.

St Katharine's Dock

For over a thousand years the site of St Katharine Docks has been a focus of commerce and human endeavour. From King Edgar's bequest in the 10th century throughout the turbulent middle ages and Elizabethan times, to the founding of the dock we can see today, St Katharine's has played an important part in the life of London.

Tower Bridge

London's most iconic landmark, Tower Bridge is as stunning for its architecture as it is for its engineering. Take a tour of the engine rooms to discover how its Victorian mechanics are still lifting the bridge today.

Bermondsey Market

Formerly known as the New Caledonian Antiques Market, Bermondsey is an unrivalled street market dedicated to antiques. It opens early on Friday mornings when antiques dealers from all over Europe arrive to find treasures. You can browse further through the many antiques warehouses in the nearby streets open all week. The market was founded in 1855 by Prince Albert. It moved to Southwark after the Second World War and rapidly became the largest antiques market in the world.

More London

The Scoop at More London is an outdoor sunken amphitheatre, immediately adjacent to the London Mayor's office, with seating for 800. Throughout the summer months it regularly hosts a variety of free events - from free films, free music and free theatre to local community events and activities. The Scoop at More London is open to everyone.

Shakespeare's Globe Theatre

Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre is built on a site 200m from the original Globe Theatre. The first Globe was built in 1599 and held around 3,000 people. Shakespeare was a part owner of the theatre and many of his greatest plays were performed there. The Globe was one of many theatres on Bankside. It was demolished in 1646, but the determination of the American actor Sam Wanamaker led to today’s reconstruction.

Prospect of Whitby

The Prospect of Whitby (once nicknamed 'Beanies') formerly 'The Devils Tavern' was frequented in his day by the infamous Judge Jeffries,  whose victims were chained up in the river at low tide and left there while several tides washed over them. Later Jeffries was caught by the London mob after hiding in 'The Town of Ramsgate' nearby and beaten, ending his days in the Tower of London. The pub was gutted by fire in the 17th Century and when rebuilt was renamed after the Whitby collier that moored up alongside when delivering to London. A third pub in the locality is 'The Captain Kidd', only more recently converted into a public house and named after the Scottish pirate who was hung nearby in 1701.

The Penthouse Luxury Serviced Apartment
The Penthouse Luxury Serviced Apartment
The Penthouse Luxury Serviced Apartment
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